Making More Money Online

I really need to get focused on my online jobs. I have so many but lately I honestly haven’t been making as much as I should. It can be rather frustrating. I spend a great deal of my time on Rabadaba. I tend to average out making about $4 or more most days. It is so simple to make money there too. I mainly just post and share photos. Even the photos that I have posted in the past still generate me money when someone votes on them. So while Rabadaba is growing I have the potential to make even more money as we gain more members. We currently have about a little over 7100 members. Which isn’t bad considering that they just started sometime in the late summer of this year.

I think that they have been around since sometime in Aug. 2015 or sometime around there. I haven’t been making all that much using Tsu. Most days I make less then $1. Which is rather surprising, considering that I have 555 people that I make 33 percent from, and 3000 in my network that I make a small percentage from as well. I also have over 11,400 followers and nearly 5000 friends. So you would imagine that I would be making at least a couple dollars. But no. Not unless I am working really hard and it is just too much work. I post a few posts on there here and there. But I am far from as active as I use to be.

Then there is here, Blogjob. I am able to make about $12 at most, currently per day. So combining everything from Rabadaba, Tsu and Blogjob. I might be able to make somewhere around $16-$17 but honestly that isn’t enough. And even that amount would take a great deal of work. Either way I need to start working on it more and figure something out.

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  1. Wonder how long it would take to pay for the Android phone? And whether Rabadaba can last that long?

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