Can’t Stand The Cold

It has been snowing lately out here in Colorado. I am originally from California and I just can’t stand the snow. It has been so cold lately. Luckily it hasn’t been below zero yet or anything that intense.

The coldest it has been out here lately was about the low 20s. Californa winters are maybe 40-50 degrees or so. Despite being here for almost 5 years now I still can’t stand the cold.

I wish that I was able to get a house out here so that I could live close to my niece as well as one in southern California, where I would love to live. Maybe one day soon I can have both.

When it gets super cold out here you have to put on several layers just to be semi warm. It is really such a hassle. And Colorado weather can be so bipolar. It can be freezing cold and snowing for several hours and then bright and sunny the next. It can be a bit confusing to say the least.

You have to layer up to stay warm but then when it suddenly gets hot you are over dressed. Or the opposite. It can be nice and warm and then suddenly super cold. You really have to be on top of the weather out here, especially when it gets cold in the winter.

I don’t have much in the way of winter clothes so that can make staying warm a bit difficult. I am glad I have the winter clothes that I have I just wish I had enough to stay toasty warm throughout the cold snowy season.

I am really looking forward to the summer or even the spring. I just absolutly can’t stand the snow or the freezing tempetures at all.



2 thoughts on “Can’t Stand The Cold

  1. This we have in common, the cold. I could live where it is summer all the time

    • I hate hate the cold weather and snow

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