Apps That Pay-Rabadaba

There are some free apps that you can download that will save you a little money. Apps such as Ibotta, receipt hog and other apps are great for spending less money on items you are already going to buy. They give you money back for your shopping trips.

Then there are social networking apps, such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that you can socialize on but not really earn any money from. There is Tsu. You can sign up at Tsu You can earn a few bucks from them but not much to start with. Tsu is a lot like facebook or Instagram except it pays you when your original content gets views.

Rabadaba is another app that has a social network aspect to it. I would compare it to something like Instagram with a touch of Facebook. Rabadaba pays you for your social interactions, such as liking or disliking other member’s posted content. Known on the app as upvoting and downvoting.

You also get paid when someone upvotes your content or when you share or “redab” a post from another user and it gets upvoted. The cool thing is that each person that shares a post as well as the original poster gets rewarded when someone upvotes that post.

The Rabadaba app is free available in the apple app store as well as google play store for android users. They currently do not have a desktop version at this time. The app is fairly new. Started sometime during the summer of this year. At this point it has a little over 7000 members but rapidly has been growing week by week by thousands of new members or more.

Even as it is still new I tend to make at least a few bucks on it easily just for being an active user. I have already gotten paid over $66 via paypal. They payout on the 15th if you reach the minimum payment of $10. And in the last few days I have made over $13 dollars! It really is a great app to earn money from in such a fun and easy way. Just be warned it can be a bit addicting!

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