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Tsu is a social networking site much like instagram or facebook. They run ads when you place content just like other websites do. Except tsu gives you 90 percent of the ad revenue that your content earns. When you post something on Tsu your friends and followers can see what you posted. Every time they view your content or your posts you make a little bit of money.

I have found that on average I earn about a dollar or so when I get between 5000-6000 views. I do have a down line. Also known as Tsu Children and grandchildren. Or people that I have invited using my Tsu code. Not everyone who joined under me is active. Sad to say.

Some have given up on Tsu. When you first join Tsu and only have 100 followers or so or even less you do typically make a few pennies most days. But if you give it a few months and treat it how you would facebook you will be able to earn somewhere close to a dollar or more. And the longer you are active and stick with it the more you will make.

So considering those who have joined under me, and how much I make with them. 33 percent based on people who joined using my code. 11 percent with people joining under my tsu children and so on and so fourth. Lets say with Tsu it takes maybe 7000 views on my own to make about $1 even with 8000 that isn’t too much.

I know it is a bit less when others in other countries view your content. Some countries rates on Tsu are a bit less. I am not sure the exact numbers or what countries are included. I am assuming that since Tsu is based in The US that any members viewing your content in the states probably earn you the most. I welcome all members from all countries and interact with all equally.

So in order to make a dollar on Tsu it seems you need between 5000-8000 views or so. I know that sounds like a lot but it surprisingly isn’t with a little bit of work.

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