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Tsu, a social network that pays you to post your own, original content. It is just like other social networking sites with one serious difference. They share the ad revenue that your content generates with the users that post that content. Tsu is almost one year old this month. It now has over 4 million members and is growing massively daily.

How it works is that you post content like you would on twitter or facebook. They place ads just like other social networks do. But when your content that you create and post on your wall gets views you generate an income from Tsu. I have found at least for me on average it seems that I make about a dollar on Tsu when all my content gets between 5000-8000 views or so.

Now posting one post and getting that many views sounds like a lot. With Tsu you are allowed a limit of up to 45 posts per day. You can share 15 times from friends, followers, or even people who you have invited to use Tsu with your invite code. You get a percentage off of what there content makes.

I tend to try and share 15 posts per day. Often times other members will return the favor on your content, gaining you even more views on what you post. I currently have a little over 8600 followers and just a little under 5000 friends. There is no limit to the followers you can have on Tsu. You are able to only have a limit of 5000 friends.

I am sure many of my followers and maybe even some friends are inactive on Tsu. But most my post tend to end up getting between a little over 100 views, to 400 or so on average. Sometimes I have gotten much more then that. So if I ended up posting about 30 times per day then my posts would able to get about 6000-12000 views or so daily.

Somewhere around $1- a little under $2. Not bad. I tend to get between a view or two on average with all my posts based on the number of followers that I have. I seem to gain between 100-200 followers most days. So that means at those rates I should be gaining roughly an additional $1 earned daily every month or so.

Not bad at all. I currently make an average of about a dollar a day. If I keep at it in another year I could easily be making $10/day. Or $300/month. Another year $600 a month. It sounds pretty promising, considering I am doing just the same thing that I am on other social network. So no matter if you are only earning a penny or two. Don’t give up. I haven’t and my earnings on Tsu keep going up over time.

4 thoughts on “View Rate On Tsu

  1. Lol Tsu is no more a good site where you ca earn much

    • I earn $1 or more per day. Its like youtube the more work you put in the more you’ll earn over time.

  2. tsu is AWESOME!! Soooooo much better than Facebook and getting better every day! 🙂

  3. I agree! Tsu is soo positive. I love how creative you can be, how much help you can be to others & that we can help members & charities. I’d have to say Blogjob & Tsu are my top favorite sites! The best communities, able to express yourself in a positive manor & getting paid isn’t bad either. 😉 @livefearlessly

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