Tsu Takes Work

So many people are very doubtful about earning money on Tsu. They give it a try for a few days, a few weeks or so and then just give up. I hate to break it to you. Tsu takes work! Tsu is a social network like Facebook except it shares the ad revenue that your content generates. https://tsu.co/sadiemarie

Think of Tsu like YouTube. If you start a YouTube channel and publish a small handful of videos don’t except to be making a ton of money right away. The more content you produce, the more you reach out to other people the more exposure your going to get. More views means more earnings. You can’t start a YouTube channel publish a dozen videos, ignore your channel and wonder why you only made a few cents or a dollar or so.

It doesn’t work that way. The harder you work, the more content you produce, when you include hashtags to make your content more discoverable the more you will earn. The more friends you make, the more comments you make on other members posts the more people will be able to find you and view your content. It will not happen overnight. I promise you that.

But if you see you are earning only a few cents or so and give up then it really is your loss. From my experience the more time you spend on Tsu, the more you make. I am not just one of the lucky ones. Hard work equals more money on Tsu. Think of it this way. The more people you are able to influence or make a difference for. The more money you will make.

No matter if that means sharing an inspiring quote, sharing your blogs, or making someone smile or laugh, or even just being supportive of other members. The more people you help the more you make. It only makes sense. Believe me or not. I currently make an average of about a dollar per day. Stick around and I’ll let you know once that amount doubles. If you don’t want to give it a try yourself. 😉

4 thoughts on “Tsu Takes Work

  1. Not me…I’m loving it over at tsu!! I came for the money, but stayed for the community!!

  2. I have yet to join, right now I don’t have time but maybe when its cold I can stay home and work more online.

  3. Paul W

    Like LF said above, I joined thinking it would be fun to make a few bucks. Now I stay coz I really think the people of Tsu are the best! Much better than FB.

  4. Tsu definitely takes work and from the look of it you’ve been hard at work! I can’t imagine having 500 Tsufriends and over 10000 Tsufollowers. Congrats to you on your Tsusuccess!!

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