Simple Time

I have this app on my iphone called Simple Time. With this app I am able to preset several different tasks that I want to accomplish. Each of those tasks have a timer set for 25 minutes. I can click on the task that I want to do throughout the day and the timer will be running while I am doing the task.

Once I complete one task I have an option of taking a short 5 minute break or a longer 20 minute break or completing another task. I have set several different tasks that I often try to complete each day. Blogging is one of them, another one I have on that list is posting or working on Tsu. I love blogging and working on Tsu. Both are enjoyable for me and also a source of income for me.

Another task that I have on there is cleaning. Something that I have a great deal to do. I have been trying to work on all the tasks on my list as much as possible. With this app it is great because it tracks how much time you spent doing each task daily.

I really need to work more on blogging. I have been focusing a great deal of my time on Tsu. My income is slowly going up as I work on it daily, but at this time I am not making more then I would with other online work, such as blogging.

This app is a great way for me to be more focused on accomplishing tasks that I need to get done. And it also helps me see how much time I have been spending working on everything. I am very thankful that I have discovered this free app. It really has been a life saver for me ever since I started using it.

One thought on “Simple Time

  1. Great idea….sounds like something I need…will go download it. Thanks!! 🙂

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