How Much Money I Make On Tsu

I have now been a member on the social networking site, Tsu for almost a year now. Tsu is the only social networking website that pays you for your content. I am absolutely addicted to Tsu. I use it daily. I can’t get enough of Tsu. If you aren’t already a member there, you can join for free. By visiting:

With Tsu they have ads just like any other popular social networking site. When you post your own content, such as a photo, a thought or whatever, based on how many views your content gets is how much money you make. Tsu gives back 90 percent of the ad revenue to users like you. When I first started Tsu almost a year ago I was making just a few cents.

As time went on I was active, followed other users, tried to comment and build online friendships and I started making maybe 5-10 cents or so per day. Admittedly not a lot but a lot more then I would make for doing the same thing on say Facebook or Instagram. As time went on I got a small handful of people to join Tsu using my code. With Tsu you also generate a portion off of what your down line makes.

Over the last several months I wasn’t as active as I would have liked. Right now most days on Tsu I make on average about $1 or so. While that isn’t much it is something. Had I been active the entire time that I had been a member I think I would have been making several dollars.

I am active, even just a few comments on other people’s posts and likes plus posting a few times a day and I tend to gain 100-200 more followers each day. Each day or few days I seem to make a penny or a couple more as long as I am consistently active.

Sure at this point in time I may not be making a ton of money, but if I keep being active going from making a dollar or so per day to say ten or more and then even more isn’t a bad bet.I love Tsu and am happy I am a member.

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