Not Giving Up

I am not going to give up. Sure I am alone, and feel so forgotten and just unimportant but that doesn’t mean that I am going to lose hope. I am strong. I have been through so many horrible, terrible, awful, painful things in my life. Many have slowed me down but haven’t been able to stop me.

I am a fighter. I know somehow in the depths of my heart that everything is going to be alright. Things will get better somehow, someway. I’ve survived an abusive childhood, where I was neglected, isolated and belittled to the point that I felt I had no worth.

I made it through a horrible abusive relationship that really broke me. I’ve lost a baby and that crushed my soul. But I lived through that. I have battled depression and won most of the time. I have fibromyalgia and I fight it most days. Through the pain and the exhaustion I still manage to live.

I survived a horrible car accident where my car rolled multiple times and I’m shocked I made it through. Nothing like waking up in a hospital bed with no one there to even hold your hand. But clearly I am strong. No matter what I face I am a fighter. I am not going to give up or give in.

There are times, more often then not I wish that I had support. Some guidance, some one on my team even just cheering me on and giving me advice. I don’t need someone to fix me or make things right. I am strong and independent. All that I need is someone to comfort me, to believe in me and I think that may give me the strength to overcome and maybe make some of my dreams come true. To make my life better.

Is that asking for too much? I have given so much of myself to so many others, all I need is a hand to hold. Maybe one day. But until then, I am not giving up or giving in.

One thought on “Not Giving Up

  1. I am also a kind of person who does not give up. I have been trying to make a living from writing since 10 years, and I have never given up

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