My Feelings

Well I feel so empty and alone. I am drained, but also depressed. I really don’t know entirely what I need to do to make my life better at this point in time. It is a horrible feeling. I feel like just laying down and sleeping for hours but that is just going to waist away my life and I can’t give in like that.

I wish I had enough money to make ends meet and even just a little bit extra so that I was able to also go out and socialize even doing things that were inexpensive. I don’t expect to be living a life of luxury, though that would be nice. But just to break free of this prison so I don’t have to work my butt off trying to build my passive income so hopefully, maybe one day I will be making more then enough to get by.

I can only hope. I am getting sick of living life like this. I need to figure things out. I have to do something about it, but I don’t have the exact answer and quite honestly that bugs me and annoys me. I just absolutely hate it.

I am going in to see the doctor on Monday. I am going to try to remember to see about making an appointment to see a counselor there. Hopefully my insurance will cover it and what not. Maybe they can help me figure things out, then again it could be nothing more then a waist of time. It won’t hurt to try.

I have gone to a few therapists before. Most hardly helped. Some did a bit. But I haven’t found the perfect one to get my thoughts, my feelings and my life in order. I need to make a change so I can hopefully see different results.

2 thoughts on “My Feelings

  1. I often have that kind of feeling.

  2. I’m experiencing that way but that’s life. What we need to do is to try again although we stumbled and fall many times.

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