Coming A Long Way On Tsu

I have now been a member of the social networking site, Tsu for almost a year. It is the only social network that shares the ad revenue with members from your content. If you aren’t a part of tsu you can sign up here: I love Tsu. I am absolutely addicted to it. I now have over 8500 followers and 5000 friends. I have reached the friend limit on Tsu. I tend to gain between 100-200 or so followers most days. I should easily reach 9000 followers or so by the time I have been on Tsu for a year.

I only wish that I was always so active as I have been in the start and now, for the last month or two. If I had been I probably would have made a lot more. Meet even more great people, had way more views and probably at least double the amount of followers that I currently have. But as long as I am able to spend time on Tsu I am going to try to dedicate as much time as I am able to.

I love being a member on Tsu. You can get support, and help others. Even donate to charity. I have been running contests on there and giving away money on Tsu to the winners. I always feel good about getting members together to support one another and being able to help others earn extra money.

I now have almost 500 children on Tsu or people that I have invited. Sadly most of them are now inactive. It really is a shame though. Hopefully some will come back. I know money can be slow at first when you just join Tsu but as soon as you put a little bit of work in and over time the money starts rolling in.


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