Back To Work

I really need to get focused and get back to work. I need to work on Tsu. As I have been daily. I have been growing a lot on Tsu. I tend to gain over 100 sometimes over 200 followers per day. It is nice that I that many people seem to find me important. Plus on the good side is that the more followers I have, the more money I make on there and also the more I am able to contribute to others. That really does make me feel good.

But on top of being focused on Tsu I also need to start blogging more. I really have been neglecting my blogging. And sense it is one way that I make most of my money I need to just force myself to blog daily. Even if fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety and depression is making me exhausted. I can at least bust out a few blogs or more per day. It is better then nothing. I enjoy writing. Getting my thoughts, my feelings and my knowledge out there. It helps me a bit and hopefully helps others as well.

But on top of TSU and blogging I also need to focus on cleaning and getting organized. I don’t know it is a bit overwhelming at the end of the day. But if I am focused and get back to work maybe, just maybe things will get at least somewhat better in my life. I can only hope. It is worth a try if nothing else.

Yes I am depressed, lost, overwhelmed, exhausted but I need to get to work so I can hopefully work towards a better future. I can’t give up. Hard work pays off in the end. It always does. So time to put in work from here on out, no matter what I am feeling.



5 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Have you received payment from Tsu? If yes, how many months did it take to make $100 on tsu?

    • I have reached over $100 now because I wasn’t very active it took about 9 months. I haven’t asked for a check yet.

  2. I had been on TSU but I’m wondering how can we earn there faster? I did a lot, had my networks and active, but the earning remained stagnant.

    • I’ve noticed if your really active w/commenting & making friendships on there it really helps.

  3. Paul

    I need to get back to making Youtube vids. I enjoy Tsu because it is so easy to do a quick post or share a pic, but YT is where I make more money. Just found your blog from your link on Tsu 🙂

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