Building Value On Tsu

I have now been on the social networking site, Tsu for almost a year. I joined a few days after they first launched. Tsu now has several millions of users and is growing more every day. If you aren’t part of Tsu you can join for free here:

When I first joined Tsu last year I was rapidly gaining friends and followers. I was really active and sending out invites all the time. Soon I had over a couple hundreds of Tsu Children. (people who joined using my Tsu Url Code)

Unfortunately a few months after that I was so consumed with working a few jobs that I hardly had much time to dedicate to Tsu as I would have liked. I still tried to remain some what active throughout that time but not as much as I would have wanted to.

Just recently over the last month or so I have been able to dedicate a great deal of time building my value on Tsu. I have been trying to be creative with the content that I make and post.I have been a very active user. Building relationships on Tsu, being supportive of other members. Leaving tons of comments and likes each day. I even tend to max out my daily allowed shares each day of other people’s posts. We are able to share up to 15 every day.

I also have been trying to use the maximum number of posts that we get daily or close to it, 30. I am sure that it will take time to build up my value but I am seeing a dramatic change in views and interactions from others then before, when I had less time to spend on Tsu. I also seem to be rapidly gaining followers each day. I hope one day soon I will be doing much better on Tsu then I am, but for now I am focused and working on it.


One thought on “Building Value On Tsu

  1. I have been with Tsu but just discontinued.

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