Succeeding On Tsu

Tsu is a social networking site much like Facebook except it pays you for your content. It started last October in 2014 and now has millions of members. If you aren’t already a part of Tsu you can sign up for free here:

If you are a member of Tsu or deciding to become one there are some guidelines you need to follow to be successful. It is fairly easy to do well on Tsu if you follow all the rules. You can get a decent amount of money by being an active member. It is likely that you won’t get rich with Tsu over night. But if you invest some time into the site you can make money and continue to watch it grow over time.

Posting Original Content 

This is one of the most vital aspects of Tsu. You can post daily, interact with other members constantly and if you aren’t posting original content you won’t receive a single cent. This means that you have to post something you created. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinaire. You can take a selfie, a picture of a pet or nature from your phone. You can type an interesting thought. Or even create your own picture quote. It doesn’t matter what it is just as long as it is something you made. Posting images that you found online or even picture quotes that someone else made online won’t do you any good. There are many free apps if you have a smart phone that you can download to create cool pictures, gif, quotes etc. And even if you don’t own a smart phone you can still upload images that you made or something that is on your mind.

Authentic Engagement 

This means that you are interacting with other Tsu members in an authentic way. By leaving more then a one or two word comment. When you comment on something another member on Tsu posted try to leave a meaningful comment. If they posted a photo of a pet, ask a question or maybe tell them about a pet you have. Don’t just say something like “looks nice” or “great post” Be real on Tsu. Others will appreciate it and may even return the favor.

Those are just some tips on being successful on Tsu. Stay tuned for more tips and information about Tsu.

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