Setting And Reaching Goals

I have so many goals that I would really like to reach. I have a lot to do but I also need to save up some money to reach some of my goals. I need to get back to blogging every single day. I have been hooked on Tsu lately so I have been neglecting my blogging. I also should clean up my place. It isn’t too bad but still could look a whole lot better.

I figured that about $100,000 should be enough to reach a lot of my goals. It would really change my life. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to get this over night or even in a short amount of time but if I start saving little by little i will get there.

So I thought maybe something that might get me motivated would be if I rewarded myself for completing some of my goals. For now I thought if I was able to write 5 blogs on blogjob. That would be worth at least $2.50 from blogjob alone. Not including what I may get from monetizing and what not. I also figured if I spent 25 minutes 3 times cleaning my place then I could reward myself by saving $1 towards my $100,000 savings.

At least that to start with. Maybe once I saved up a hundred dollars or so I could then make it every 4 blogs that I write or something like that. It will take time but this should be a great way to accomplish things that I need to do while also saving money for things that should make my life better. It will take a while to get there. But I can make it happen 1 dollar at a time.

I am looking forward to making this happen and really hope that I can manage to do it and stick to it too.

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