My Tsu Obsession

I have a serious obsession with the social networking site Tsu. Tsu is similar to Facebook and other social networking site except that instead of keeping all the ad revenue that the site makes from your content they give you 90 percent. If you aren’t part of Tsu you can join for free here:

Tsu is an amazing social networking site! You are able to create your own content. Things like pictures, graphics, memes and other things like that and get paid just for sharing your content with the world. I typically make between $1-$2 per day on average. But I just started being active once again. I am sure if I continue to be active as I have been daily then I should be able to easily make at least a few dollars daily, maybe even more.

Some users on Tsu even make $10 or more most days. And Tsu isn’t just about posting content. There is this amazing social aspect to it to. You can follow and friend other Tsu members. They can do the same with you and the more views your content gets the more money you make. Once you sign up if you aren’t already a part of Tsu you can even share your Tsu short code. A referral code that Tsu gives you once you register.

You can tell others about Tsu and get them to sign up using your Tsu Short code. Those users that sign up with your code become known as your Tsu Children. You even make about 11 percent of what your active Tsu children make for posting there content! There are many opportunities to make money on Tsu. There are also other Tsu members who hold contests and games that reward winners Tsu money!

I am obsessed and addicted to Tsu! I spend all day and all night on the site. I just can’t get enough.

2 thoughts on “My Tsu Obsession

  1. It would be great to earn $10 a day. That would solve a lot of problems for me. I tried Tsu, but I probably didn’t give it enough time.

    • I agree that it would for me too. I’m making more & more slow but sure.

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