Facebook Has Banned Tsu


Tsu is a social networking site much like Facebook with one big difference. They pay the users for the content! Just like Facebook collects money from your content by making money from ads that are posted on the site, Tsu does the same, but instead of keeping it all they give back that money to users. If you aren’t already a part of Tsu you can join for free here: https://tsu.co/Sadiemarie

Before Facebook users were able to auto post on Facebook when they shared something on Tsu. They were even allowed to use links to Tsu on facebook. Yesterday Facebook deleted all Tsu related content and banned any Tsu links on there website. When someone trys to post something about Tsu using a Tsu link they recieve a pop up message from Facebook stating that the content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe.

Prior to this ban Tsu members were able to post there Tsu referral code on Facebook, talk about Tsu and even share posts from Tsu. Now they are claiming Tsu is unsafe, which is just untrue. Facebook allows media content from Twitter and even YouTube. But Tsu they have banned. It makes one wonder if it isn’t a fear of the competition.

Tsu is much like Facebook aside from not being so greedy with paying you for your content. Perhaps Facebook has a fear of becoming a ghost town much like Myspace with the Threat of Tsu. Besides who would want to post there content and not get paid when they easily can on Tsu?!

Tsu reached over a million members in there first month last October. Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks took many months to reach such high numbers. And Tsu is rapidly gaining new members every day. It really is a shame Facebook has decided to ban Tsu. So long Facebook, Tsu is taking over!

9 thoughts on “Facebook Has Banned Tsu

  1. i guess it is competition

  2. Since the new sites are socail sites that is why they are feared…. gettting paid is better than NOT.

  3. I am at tsu.co for 2 years now..They really pay.

  4. I gave up on Tsu because I couldn’t figure it out, but congratulations to all of you who are successful with it. Too bad Facebook had to lie about Tsu in order to get rid of it.

  5. I think FB is afraid of the competition with regards to Tsu. I hope Fb will not ban BlogJob too.

  6. Gabie7

    I just hope they do reconsider their their actions!

  7. Funny how they say that Tsu is unsafe. Yeah… unsafe for Facebook because they’re competition. What a joke! FB is greedy. I haven’t been on it for more than a year.

  8. I gave up on TSU. I donated all the money I earned and left. I don’t plan to go back. I like Facebook better. Good luck to you at TSU. I know some who does like it.

  9. what shameful

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