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Hey guys sorry I haven’t been very active here on Blogjob or blogging in general. I have been really focused on Tsu this last week or so. I have almost $100 in my Tsu bank so that means that I will be able to redeem my money on Tsu very soon. Maybe in a few days. But I really do need to focus more on blogging.

I have missed it. No more putting it off like I was. I still have a lot of things to do in my life aside from Tsu and I just have to get focused on everything. I need to clean, blog a whole lot. Work on my YouTube channel and things like that. Tsu is important for sure. I keep on making more and more on there. While I am not making a ton now I make around $1 or so on average most days. And I do seem to gain followers every single day. So soon I would imagine that my earnings should increase.

More then likely on Tsu I won’t end up cashing out or requesting my check as soon as I hit $100 in my bank. I might wait a little longer and earn some more. Just to be sure that I will be getting that money. But other then Tsu not much has been going on in my life.

I went in to the doctor to have that exam on Monday after receiving a slightly abnormal test results on a pap smear. It wasn’t fun I must admit lol. Somewhat painful but not any worse then mild cramps really. I guess the doctor found 3 abnormal spots and had to do a biopsy on them so she took samples. I should hear back from them on the results within 9 days or so from Monday. So probably the middle of next week.

I am a bit nervous that it could be like the start of cancer or something like that but the way she explained everything it shouldn’t be too bad. Gulp even if it is. It just sounds horrible that I may have to get those spots removed or something. But I really think that everything is going to be alright. At least I hope so.

5 thoughts on “Back To Blogging

  1. How do you like Tsu? How many hours a day do you put in?

    • I’m in love with it probably 4 + hours most days.

  2. I no longer have some of my social media profiles for a few reasons but do have a few that is still up. That way, I will stay connected to some people on a professional level such as LinkedIn. It’s a great site to spread yourself out there if you have no idea on how to get started. It’s better than just roaming on Craigslist for work.

  3. I had cancer and they did a cone and got it all .

  4. You sure have been missed

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