Is Tsu A Scam



Is a scam? So many people are skeptical about this social networking site. What is Tsu You might be wondering. Tsu is a social networking site much like Facebook. It opened its doors to the public last October in 2014. Now it has millions upon millions of users. Even famous celebrities are now using Tsu.

Tsu is a lot like other social networking sites except when you share your content like you would on Facebook or Twitter they display ads just as other popular sites do. Instead of keeping the money that the ads generate like other social media platforms do you get to keep 90 percent of what your content makes.

Too good to be true right? Not so much. Think about YouTube. People create content and those who decide to partner with YouTube can do so with no to little requirements and are able to monetize there content through adsense. What happens is YouTube displays ads when someone plays your video or your content. When someone either sees or clicks on the ad the content creator on YouTube gets paid!

Bloggers do the same thing. They either join a monetizing platform like adsense or chitika and get paid for displaying ads when someone sees there content that they create. Or they join an affiliate program and do the same thing. If there blogging site was nothing but ads not many people would be driven to there site. So the bloggers make money from there content.

The same is true for most site owners. So is it so hard to believe that you can create content online and get paid for it? There are tons of people getting paid on Tsu. Tsu never asks for your information other then where to send your check and who to make it out to. Not very scammy at all. Imagine getting paid to post on Facebook. What if Facebook started paying you? Would you think its a scam? We all know what it takes to sign up on Facebook. At least most of us do. Tsu is just like Facebook in that aspect but they pay you instead of keeping it all for themselves.

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Interested in trying Tsu out now? You can make money sharing your content by joining Tsu:

7 thoughts on “Is Tsu A Scam

  1. Intreresting. Have you made any money?

  2. How much money have you made with them? how do they payout?

  3. maxwellhaven

    I tried using Tsu last year but became bogged down with the process. It seemed quite complicated. I Tsu easier to use now?

  4. It’s not a scam. I know of people who have done well with it.

  5. I have a tsu account, although I’ve not been active for a few months. I like the site, but am waiting until I develop some way of producing images to be shared. Although there are a group of writers that do share that type of content, it seems that the majority of photographers there only share images and never share the writings of another person that solely writes. Even though the writers do take time to share the photographer’s images. That part bugged me, but it wasn’t tsu’s fault.

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