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I have been a member on Tsu now for almost a year now. I joined just shortly after they opened there site. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tsu it is a Social Networking Site much like Facebook. With one major difference. You get paid for posting your content. Just like Facebook they post ads on the pages. When someone sees your content there are ads posted around them. When someone clicks or views the ad the site gets paid. Facebook has gotten millions upon millions of dollars all from user content.

Tsu on the other hand only keeps 10 percent of what your content makes. You get to keep a generous 90% and that only makes sense. There small percentage that they keep goes to paying for staff and to run the site. It is free to join, you can join or check it out here:

In addition to making money off of your content they reward you for getting more people to join too. On Tsu you get a short code similar to this: When someone joins using your short code they are known as your Tsu Children. You make a percentage off of what they earn. You make about 33% from what your Tsu Children make. A smaller percent off of your grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. Or people your children invited.

But say you invited 10 people who joined tsu using your short code. Lets say they all were active and after a week or so ended up making about .10 per day on average. Not a bad amount for a new user. You would make .33 cents per day just from your Children alone. So the more people you get to join the better.

I love inviting people using my Tsu Shortcode. I have now gotten over 460 people to join. I haven’t been inviting people a great deal except for the last few days or so and when I first started. Just in the last 24 hours I have gained 31 Tsu children.

For me it isn’t all about the money. Sure that it an added benefit I must admit but I find joy giving people the opportunity to make money from there content as they should. They do what the do on Facebook and can even share what they post on Tsu on facebook anyways. But they get pay. It may not be millions but getting paid an extra say $10-$30 plus dollars for month for doing what you do on Facebook anyways. Ya I’ll take the free money.

I have had the most luck promoting my Tsu code on Facebook. I try to space my promoting a little bit a part so it isn’t flagged as spam. Stay tuned and we will go into more detail on how we get so many Tsu Children using Facebook and other sites. You too can be just as equally successful if not more! I hope you are getting paid for your content because that is only right.


2 thoughts on “Getting More People To Join Tsu

  1. I have heard of TSU I just n have tried it .

    • You can make decent money if your constantly posting, adding friends & what not.

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