Free The Girls

Imagine the horror of being taken away against your will and forced to be a slave. Most people don’t think this could ever happen to them. So many are unaware of how often this tragic crime happens to others throughout the entire world. There are at least 20-37 million men, women and even children that have been abducted being held as slaves throughout the world.

A great deal of those victims are women and girls many are forced into sex trafficking. Luckily there are many groups out there that help rescue them out of there horrible life of slavery. Some organizations even help them heal and get there life together after being saved. Though resources are limited.

That is where this amazing organization comes in to help give resources to expand these programs and help the victims.They are known as Free The Girls. There program helps one way by accepting donations of free bras. They even allow you to host events collecting bras, and other ways to help.

Why bras you might be wondering. How it works is that second hand bras are actually a very profitable market in many countries throughout the world. Donating bras lets the victims and even programs that help them raise money that they can use to heal and and get on there feet after being rescued.

Free The Girls is a 501 C non profit organization.In addition to donating or collecting bras to donate to there program they also collect money to help as well. They even have an online shop selling clothes and 100 percent of the profits made from the sales go straight back to support there mission. Even if you are unable to donate financially or are able to donate or collect bras to help you can still spread the word about there program to help Free The Girls.


4 thoughts on “Free The Girls

  1. That is an awesome organization ! I should clean out my bra drawer and mail them .

    • I might do the same. The also have drop off locations too if you might be able to save a little on shipping. 🙂

  2. Interesting idea to deal with such a dark issue.

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