Trying To Make More Money Online

I have been trying to make more money online. I make money through several different online sources. I have my blogs. I earn my income from my blogging sites by creating content and some of them I get paid per view and like on here I get paid for my ads. But it all comes down to views.

I also have my YouTube channel that I get paid from the ads shown. Then there is my Tsu pages. I get paid for sharing my content from pictures, blogs, quotes, sites etc. But all of them have one thing in common. They all pay me based on views. The more views that I get the more money I make.

Now I am not just about making money. I try to share content that I feel might be able to benefit others as well. That is my main focus. But at the same time I am trying to depend on all these sources to live off of too. So I put in hours upon hours of work each day and as it stands right now I hardly even make enough to get by.

It just doesn’t seem fair. I wish that I was able to make even just $1000 per month from all of my content. I don’t think that is asking for way too much anyways. I think that all the content that I create and have should be worth at least that much.

I wish I knew what I could possibly do to increase the value of my online content even more. It would be a dream come true if I knew I was not only able to help maybe 100s of thousands of people but even make several thousands of dollars each month too.

That would mean I could invest more money in helping others and on top of that I wouldn’t be so darn depressed. I might be ok and finally able to make a difference in the world. I depend on this so it has to work. Somehow Someway.

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