Post And Pray Doesn’t Work


You just posted some content online. Maybe you are a youtuber and you just uploaded a video. Or perhaps you are a blogger and just posted a blog post. No matter what kind of content you post, video, blog, even a product you are selling you can’t just post it, and then pray that it will be a hit. Rarely ever does videos, or any sort of content become viral this way. Sometimes what you post will be so interesting that many people will share it. Then it becomes a hit.

But that is the key here. Content that was shared many times becomes a hit. There are a few things that you can do to make sure your content gets viewed. Not just posting and praying. You have to focus on tags. Utilize SEO keywords when posting content. When someone searches for related topics they are more likely to find what you posted if you are sure to include tags along with your content. This is a great way to be found through search. But unless you get tons of views it won’t help a great deal. Your content will be down at the bottom of the search engine and it won’t be easy for others to discover it.

What else can you do you might be wondering? Share, share and share some more. Get your content out there. Post it on your own personal social networking sites. But also don’t forget about groups like Facebook, Google Plus etc. Be sure to also create special accounts on social networking sites for your brand, YouTube, Blog, website, store, product etc. And share on there as much as possible.

Even if you don’t see a dramatic increase in traffic overnight the more you market your content the more views you will see over time. You can also try and get your content posted on other sites and blogs. This is an excellent way to rank higher in the search engines. You also gain more exposure. You might not be able to get millions of views with these techniques but you can increase your traffic a great deal more then if you just post and pray.

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5 thoughts on “Post And Pray Doesn’t Work

  1. I have a blog that does NOT make any money but I posted it in one group on face . NOT one person read it . I later posted it on twitter , facebook but my own page and My google account and that’s when I got views . You are so right about this .

    • Thanks. Ya I’ve been posting my blogs sometimes 100s of times on Facebook groups. I’ve gotten a lot of views that way. Lol Idk I’ve been trying google groups with little luck just a small handful of views per day.

  2. I’ve never had luck with Facebook. I deactivated it at least a year ago. I have the most luck with Google+. Thanks for all of the great tips. I need all of the help that I can get. 🙂

    • Your welcome. 🙂 Idk why I don’t seem to get many views from google + or pinterst. Maybe 1-2 per day on average.

  3. most of my traffic comes from facebook and google search engine. havent been using tags though; will do it from now on.

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