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Lately we have been featuring videos and channels from YouTube. If you are interested in getting your video or YouTube channel featured here check it out: https://blogjob.com/lifeandliving/2015/08/31/looking-to-feature-youtube-videos/

We are featuring a video now from Peeakaboo Parrots. The video is Bowie plays peekaboo.

Bowie is a 6 year old male Indian ringneck parrot. He is such a cutie with quite the personality. In this video while doing laundry he hides under a small towel that is tossed on top of him. This little guy backs out and with an adorable look after his owner says Peekaboo in his sweet little birdie voice he says Peekaboo. What a smart little guy.

If you want to check out the channel there are tons more videos staring Bowie and his other birdie friends. So entertaining to watch all his fun little antics and to hear him talking. He even has a little dog playmate that he sometimes interacts with.

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In the link above we showcase one of ASMR Sadie Beauty’s videos.

Another featured video we did is about Hair Extensions featuring a video from the channel LindseyslifeNstyle. https://blogjob.com/lifeandliving/2015/08/31/featured-youtube-video-hair-extensions/

Those are just some of our featured YouTubers. We are still looking to feature more. If you are interested in having your YouTube channel or video featured check out or other page: https://blogjob.com/lifeandliving/2015/08/29/looking-to-feature-youtubers/?relatedposts_hit=1&relatedposts_origin=3877&relatedposts_position=1

This is a great way to gain exposure, get views and even subscribers on your YouTube channel. It doesn’t matter if you have a gaming channel, Beauty channel, vlog etc. we may be interested in having your channel or video on our site. So be sure to leave a comment letting us know the name of your channel (not url) what your channel is about for your chance to be our next featured YouTube star.

2 thoughts on “Featured Video: Bowie Plays Peekaboo

  1. I like the logo, hummingbirds are wonderful!

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