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Do you have your own YouTube channel? Interested in trying to drive more traffic to your videos? We are currently looking for YouTube videos to feature on our website. This is a great way to get more views on your videos.

We get a large amount of traffic on our site and having your video featured on our blog would be able to help you gain exposure. Featuring one of your videos can help increase your search engine ranking on both your video that we discuss on our blog as well as your entire channel.

There is no catch, we aren’t asking for any money or for you to sign up to anything. Just mention our blog url somewhere on your YouTube channel. Leave us a comment giving us the name, (not url) of your YouTube channel. We will go through your videos and pick which one we want to feature on an upcoming blog post.

Also be sure to let us know how long you have had your channel, how many videos that you have currently published on your channel, what your videos are about, how many views your channel has as well as the number of subscribers.

If we choose to feature one of your videos it will be a great chance for both your video and your channel to be discovered.

We are also looking to feature bloggers, writers, businesses, products and websites. If you want to get featured tell us more about what you represent and you may have the chance to be a feature on our site.

If you are a blogger and want to do some cross promotion let us know below. If you are a model, photographer, music artist, or any kind of artist or entertainer we might be interested in showcasing your work.

Be sure to check back for more features, tips and tricks.

Ole Henriksen

13 thoughts on “Looking To Feature YouTube Videos

  1. I need help with my channel. My channel name is awesome dj roxy. I pretty new at it and love to partner with someone and get some help with my channel.

  2. My channel is Jose TheSportsGamer (JTSG – SportsGaming Channel). I’ve been running this channel since August 8th, 2013. I have 328 videos, 47,938 views and 793 subscribers. I play sports video games. I pla NBA 2K15 and NCAA Football 14. I used to have a Madden NFL 15 series.

    When searching for my channel on YouTube, search ‘jose thesportsgamer’. My channel, JTSG – SportsGaming Channel, will appear.

    • how much did u earn in that traffic?

      • Not much from sharing it maybe a few cents. Lol wish it was considerably more!

      • Not much. I’ve earned very little money from my videos.

  3. Hello, I’d love to get featured. My youtube channel is celluloidsimple. I’ve been actively posting about two years ago. I have 191 subs and 14,408 views with the theme of sketch comedy.



  4. Miha

    I would love to be featured.
    My channel is ThePrison4Life.

    🙂 Thank you

  5. hey guys ive dropped you into my default description, my channel is 420 Jack Daniel Sauce and i have a wide variety of original and fresh content for you to sample 😉 i have 83 videos to date, i have been tubing for about 2 months, and very much would like to be featured for the chance of extra publicity 😉 Thanks again

    jack daniel sauce out!

  6. From mine I’ve made almost $100 but it took me over a year to reach that point.

  7. Over six months* less then a year. Lol

  8. HI @Sandiemarie, i would love to do some blog cross marketing. my blog is all about online forum posting jobs, blogjob.com/digitadimes/. i am sure you have seen before. looking forward to hear from you.

  9. Hello!
    I would love love love you to feature my channel! It’s under my name, Jesse Murphy and I have 18 subscribers, 2,779 views and 22 videos. I’ve had my channel for over 5 years but only over the last few months I have been uploading regularly. I’m a bit of an entrepreneur and I do videos about many various things like my home business, beauty, DIY’s, mom topics and more! I hope to hear back! Thank you!

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