Making $4000 A Month


While making more money would be great. I would take any amount. But I figured out that I would be able to reach many of my current goals in a timely manner if I was able to make at least $4000 a month. Now that does sound like a lot. But I think that that is an achievable goal. While I don’t have a definite answer on how to make this happen I thought why not try to use the Law Of Attraction.

While it may not work and do nothing for me but on the other hand I figure giving it a shot sure as heck won’t hurt. So last night I decided that making that amount would be a good goal for me to have. $4000 each month. I would like to make that happen this year but I figure striving for no later then the start of next year would give me enough time to get everything in place.

So I set a deadline and figure out the amount. Today I went to check my mail and found a letter notifying me that I would be getting an amount of money. Not much between $20-$40. This money would come from a lawsuit that I qualified for from receiving a phone call from a company trying to sell something when I was on the do not call list.

This gave me the idea to look into other lawsuits that are in place that I could qualify for. I found enough so that I was able to get at least $100- almost $200 that I should be getting sometime this month. Not a large amount or anywhere near what I need but it is a step in the right direction.

If you factored that amount in with the amount that I can make here on Blogjob, along with the money I should be able to redeem on Tsu and YouTube pretty soon I would still need to make about $3565 each month for the remainder of this year. Hopefully I can figure out the rest of the money but considering I figured out how to get 1/8 of the monthly amount that I need I guess that isn’t too bad for using the law of attraction for under one day.


2 thoughts on “Making $4000 A Month

  1. I’ve set monetary goals too, and it takes time. We just can’t give up. My husband and I got into an argument about it this past weekend. That’s why I haven’t been here. My feelings were very hurt. I told him that it takes time, and I’ve decided that instead of working on my posts at home, I’ll be working at the library as if I were going to an office each day. At least no one will bother me there.

    • Good luck with your library. I didn’t have good luck working at mine.

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