Things Will Get Better

Things will get better. I know that they will. They have to. One day I am going to make at least enough money to make ends meet all on my own. And I bet you one day I will even be making more. Maybe double or triple or even more then that.

I will get my place together and organized and one day I will even be able to get furniture and home decor and design my home the way that I want to. Things will be nice and clean and in order and peaceful and all the way that I want them to be.

Someday I know that I will find love. I will have a relationship with someone who takes care of and loves me. A person who is good for me and who I love just the same. It might not be happening right now but maybe God is still writing my love story.

Eventually I will have the time to go out and meet some amazing people. Ones that I can look up to and support, that are caring and kind and just brilliant individuals and they will become my friends.

One day I will find happiness and be at peace with my life. I will learn how to let go of the things that have been keeping me down for so long. To heal and overcome my painful past.

In time I will be able to grow and focus on making my spirit better and stronger and even more enlightened. My soul will be connected and at peace. I will feel alive and whole.

I am really looking forward to the day when all of that happens. I am working on all of it bit by bit. Each day I am getting closer to peace, and happiness and security and making everything better. It will be my reality, my future.

2 thoughts on “Things Will Get Better

  1. You definitely sound like me. All that I’ve ever wanted was someone to love me as much as I love them, and treat me as I deserve to be treated. I also want to earn enough doing what I enjoy – enough to be comfortable instead of struggling all of the time. I have a painful past too, but here’s something to think about. I have no regrets. Look at it like this. Every choice that you’ve ever made seemed right at the time, right? Me too. That’s how I’m able to let it go. I’m glad that you made your two posts to reach your goal. Good night. Sleep well. 🙂

    • Thank you it’s nice to find someone similar to relate to. I’m sure we both would be able to support & guide one another. 🙂 You are right about looking at your choices from that perspective. It makes a great deal of sense. 🙂

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