Cleaning Out My Car

Well today I was smoking and my lighter stopped working. So I looked around my place and in my purse to see if I had some matches lying around. I know I had a match book or two not too long ago. I couldn’t find any so I tried looking in my car. The lighters I found no longer work but I did find a match book.

So I decided since I was out there anyways and it was still light out enough that I was going to clean out my car a little bit. It is pretty messy I am sorry to say. I still have to get some more trash out, vacuum and clean it as well as unload the clothes I have in there that I have been trying to sell.

But I found a target, small plastic shopping bag and I just went through my car and got rid of a bunch of trash. Sad to say I had enough to pack that bag full. Things like old receipts, paper, napkins, mail, cigarettes, cigarette boxes and water bottles. Ugh I know I feel like a slob having it so messy right now.

But I got rid of most of the trash in my car. It isn’t perfect and I still need to get rid of all the garbage at a latter day. Then I need to unload all the clothes that I have. Vacuum it all out. And clean all the services and the seats. I think once I am able to get it nice and clean for once I am going to try to maintain that cleanliness there after.

As hard as it may be to believe I ¬†am a bit of a perfectionist and a neat freak. I had been so busy before and put off cleaning because I didn’t have the time to get it right. Well now I do so I am trying to work on getting decluttered and organized and making everything clean.

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