Worked All Day

Well I ended up working all day today. I have no clue why it always ends up taking me this long to manage to finish my online work. I normally just have to write about 24 blog posts. Yet I tend to write a few here and there and then save the rest for late at night. Then I am forced to rush to finish writing everything.

It can be stressful. I do admit that I seemed to do a bit better today then I normally do. When I first woke up today I ended up starting the day writing a couple of blog posts. That felt good to get some work when I first started my day. But then I spent time doing other things and I waited some more time and did just a few more blogs.

After that I ran some errands and came home and tried to push myself to write a few more blog posts. I don’t know why it seems so hard for me. I enjoy writing but I guess I just want to come up with good topics and things to write about and I end up just pushing all my writing work until later. It can be frustrating.

Truth be told it would only take me about 3-5 hours or so to get all of my blogging done in a single day. That really isn’t that much time at all. Let’s say it took me 4 hours. I could break up that time and end up doing an hour worth of writing each time. That is about 6 blog posts or so. I think I could try and push myself to do that.

Then I could do it shortly after waking up, working for an hour. Get some other things done and do another hour maybe sometime before the afternoon. Work another hour in the afternoon and either do the last hour in the late afternoon or even in the evening.

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