Making Enough And Then Some


I am so stressed out. Right now I am not even making enough to make ends meet. It feels so depressing and I almost feel like a failure. I wish that I knew what I could do to change that. I have tried being just an employee but I don’t know if I am just applying to the wrong places or don’t have enough schooling or what it is but I haven’t been able to get much more then a crummy job that is way below me and very embarrassing to admit to anyone that I work there.

I admit that I haven’t invested a ton in trying to look for jobs and often times I do apply to crappy jobs but I wish I could and thought I could get something better. I have been trying to make money online. I am proud I have been able to make over a few hundred per month online. I doubt most would even think that was possible or would be something that would be very difficult to make happen.

But that is the thing I really need to work on ways to make enough and then some. I need to make at least $1000 to get by with a little bit of help each month and almost $2000 to get by completely on my own. If I wanted a little bit extra so  that I could occasionally go out and do something or even try to invest in bettering myself I would have to make maybe $3000 or so.

Of course any more that I could make would be better but I just don’t know how I can make it happen. I would imagine that I have enough to offer and can work hard to be able to make at least $1000 maybe even a few thousand dollars or more.

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