Learning How To Gain More Traffic


I am really hoping that I can reach the point that I am at least making enough to pay my current bills through all of my online work. I mainly make the bulk of my money through Blogjob. But even though I am happy I am able to make a little over a few hundred per month with Blogjob that just isn’t enough to get by.

I also have my YouTube channel and Tsu. Well Tsu I might end up making enough to cash out, $100 probably after being a part of the site for about 10 months to a year. So that is about $10 or less per month. I would imagine as I gain more Children on Tsu and followers I might make even more but that will take a long while.

My YouTube channel is doing alright. But I only make maybe $20 per month. So really not enough to be hardly worth wild. I am trying to work on ways to increase my online income. I figured that monetizing my blog sites and maybe even using affiliate links as well as shortening links I may end up hopefully possibly make at least enough to get by.

But I figured at the current rate that I make money I would need to have about 500,000- a couple of million visitors each month or more just to make enough to make ends meet. I know that writing a catchy and descriptive title can help. I am also aware that keyword tags can help too.

I also try sharing my blog posts a bit through different social networking sites as well as social bookmarking sites but I am just at a lost on what else I can do to increase my site traffic. So I have been trying to learn new ways to increase it.

I have been reading tons of articles about it but so far haven’t discovered much more then I already know. There has to be something that I am not doing that could help increase my traffic even just a little bit. I just wish I knew what it was.

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