Feeling Anxious About My Finances

I am feeling so anxious about my finances. I wish that I knew how I could make at least enough to get by. Right now my main source of income is through blogjob. I can complete other projects to increase how much I make on here but right now the most that I can make is about $360 each month. Not even enough to just barely get by.

I need to make at least $1000 to just barely have enough to make ends meet. It seems like making much more is something that is close to impossible. I know that I could make more money if I was able to drive more traffic to my blogging sites as well as my YouTube channel through monetizing and with affiliate programs. The down side is to make that happen I would need to have around half a million to about a couple million views or more per month to make that happen. That is about at least 10 times more then I currently get.

Of course that is just at the current rate that I get but still. I think even getting 100,000 views might be a bit of a challenge. I don’t know too many other sites that I can make money. I would need to figure out how to make about $640 more per month on top of what I currently make with blogjob.

I make a bit with Tsu. But it has taken me around almost 10 months just to make a little over $70 on that site. While that isn’t a horrible amount that is still only about $7 or so per month. That is less then 23 cents per day. I know I can make maybe $100-$150 or so with Poostloop if I had enough time to blog and use poostloop as well.

I would still need to figure out how to make an additional $500 or so more each month. I know somehow some way I can. I just wish it were much easier then this. And even once I figure out how to do that I don’t want to just barely make it each month. I would like to make something extra so I could strive for an even better life. But right now I am just so anxious wondering if it will ever happen.


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