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Well a couple of weeks ago I went in to see my doctors for a women’s exam. I was well overdue for one. I had a pap smear done and they did a test for some stds as well as gave me a shot. Today my doctor called me with the results from the test.

She said that the results came back but there was some slight abnormalities. I guess that is a very common thing and it could mean nothing at all. But just to make sure everything is alright she wanted me to come in to do a test, I forget the exact name but it is where the doctor examines you with a microscope. That way they make sure there aren’t any kinds of cancerous or abnormal cells on my cervix.

I am very worried about this. I guess there is a special doctor at my doctor’s office that does the test. I wasn’t able to get in to see her until September 21st. I wish she had an earlier appointment but that seemed to be her soonest that she could see me. I am hoping and assuming that it could be nothing.

I guess when I was about 18 or 19 or so they said my pap test was abnormal but I had gone through so much after that and just didn’t really think too much about it or go back in to get checked. I know horrible and maybe even a bit irresponsible.

I am a bit worried like what if I ended up developing cancer and have to have a hysterectomy or something that makes me not able to ever have kids. Or what if I end up having cancer and it ends up being so bad that it takes my life.

I doubt it is anything serious but it is worrisome that it could be.


3 thoughts on “Doctors Test Results

  1. Please try not to worry. It sounds like the HPV that my sister had, and she’s fine now. The slightly abnormal cells were removed, and it’s monitored every six months. Those types of abnormalities are VERY common and highly treatable, and it doesn’t mean the worst. It’s not a terrible stigma against you either – if that’s even what it is. Look at it like this… if your doctor thought that you had cancer, they would have you in that office LONG before Sept. 21. The abnormalities wouldn’t be slight either. It wouldn’t make sense for them to wait and allow it to worsen. I truly believe that you’re going to be fine, and at least you went in and it’s being taken care of now. Most situations that we worry about work out fine, right? Like I said, if the doctor was extremely concerned, they wouldn’t have you wait til almost the end of Sept. They would have you in there now no matter how busy they were, or they’d refer you elsewhere immediately. I hope that calms your worries. 🙂 I’m not just saying that to try and make you feel better for the moment either. It makes sense, right? It’s human nature to think the worst and to worry, but I consider you a friend, and as a friend I think that you’re going to be fine. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I agree and think that you are right. I’m not super worried about it especially after you mentioned that but I do have some minor concerns. She probably would have tried finding even another office to do the test if it was something she thought was serious. I really appreciate your support. It means the world to me. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome. You have my support, and I really believe what I said. If it was something to seriously worry about, your doctor wouldn’t have you wait so long. If they’re super busy, she would have sent you elsewhere. It’s going to be fine. If I didn’t truly believe that, I wouldn’t say anything or I’d just wish you the best. I don’t want you to needlessly worry. It will work out fine, even if the cells need to be removed. If they weren’t anything more than precancerous, they’d want to remove them right now – not after Sept 21. When you start to worry, remember what I said, and it really does make sense. A doctor wouldn’t wait on something truly serious.

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