Trying My Best

I am trying my best to make things alright in my life. There are so many things that I have to work on and deal with. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming. I don’t have much in the way of family and what little I do have, they aren’t the most supportive. So that doesn’t help much at all.

Sometimes I need guidance and support in my life and it is difficult when you can’t easily turn to a family member to offer that to you. I count my blessings for the family I have and what extent they are able to help and care but I wish things were better in that aspect of my life.

I really need to work on my income. I barely make enough to get by and sometimes even need help some months. I hate it. I am trying to work on ways that I can hopefully increase my income. I am putting work in every single day. But I am no expert and some things I am just trying to figure out on my own.

For me the only way that I know how to make money really is by online work and making businesses. Other then that it seems like the only thing that I know how to get is a crummy job that is so below me that I can’t stand. I wish I had someone to guide me and help me on that but who knows. Maybe there is no hope there.

I fought tooth and nail to try to get a decent college education when I was younger. I always was dealing with an abusive relationship that prevented me from going to college or having to worry about not being on the street vs going to college. And now I am trying to struggle to survive so how could I mange to go to college too? I feel so pathetic and hate it but I guess its just the sick twisted cards that I was handed in life.


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