Things That Make Me Proud

There are so many things in my life and about myself that I really wish that I could change. Things that I need to work on. Some of those things are some things that are important and others are just things that I want to focus on going over and above working on improving. But instead of spending so much time breaking myself down I want to try and appreciate the good in me.

To help myself build up some well needed confidence and try to embrace the good in me. To focus on my talents, skills and abilities and accomplishments. I think it can be very helpful to be aware of the good that is inside you. So here are some things that make me proud.

I am so proud that I am able to live on my own and be self sufficient. Not everyone is bold, daring, independent or even strong enough to be able to live on there own and make everything alright. Not only am I a strong person but I am a strong woman because of that.

I am proud that I finally made it on my own. That I might have times when things are tight or I need to reach out for help but I am doing it on my own. That is something to be proud of and a huge accomplishment. No one ever taught me or guided me on how to stand on my own feet. I had to learn how to do it on my own. That is something that is brave and takes a strong person.

The fact that I have been able to declutter and get rid of so many things in my place and out of my life is a huge thing to be proud of. I have made so much room and gotten rid of tons of junk.

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