These Are My Hopes

I hope that I am able to find peace and happiness in my life. I hope that I can manage to find a career that I love and do things that help others. I really want to find my purpose in life. To overcome all this pain from my past that still haunts me to this day.

To get my life together and to be organized and on track. To be able to accomplish something. I want to have others in my life that are supportive and loving. People that I can look up to that will guide me and help me on my journey in life.

These are just some of my hopes. I really hope that I am able to make them all a reality in my life. It doesn’t seem like it will be an easy thing at all to do. But it is something I believe can be possible. Something I hope can be done.

Maybe just maybe one day I will learn to live, to love. To be loved and to live my life with a purpose and a direction.

I know that I am so very strong and can make things work out for the better. I just can’t lose that hope. One day things will be comfortable. Maybe I will feel safe, loved and even secure.

I guess I just need to push on no matter what and never give in or give up. At least I haven’t lost hope. I really think that is the most important part of this all.

To hold on to the hope, the belief that things will some how, some way get better. I know that they will. They just have to. I believe in that with my entire heart, soul and being with everything that I’ve got.





2 thoughts on “These Are My Hopes

  1. my dear friend there is hope and healing for your pain its called Jesus i have personally felt His love and healing i know its hard to trust people when you have been hurt so bad but i like you have had to learn its taken me about 30 years keep going my friend it does get easier the more you let go

    • Very true I just wish I knew what to do to get over some of it.

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