Building Up My Blog Sites

I currently have several different blogging sites. I have a small handful of different blog sites here on blogjob. And then I do blog on other sites like Personapaper, hubpages and blogger just to name a few. Though I spend most of my time blogging here on blogjob. This has got to be my favorite blogging site out there.

They give you the freedom to grow as a blogger, share affiliate links and monetize your blog all while earning money in a supportive and helpful community. So focusing on the several blog sites that I have here. I have this one that is a mixture of many different topics. From my own personal feelings and experiences to tips and tricks and guides and such.

I have recently added a few more blog sites on here. I created additional sites that are focused on a certain topic. I am working on building up my blogging sites. This one isn’t doing too bad. Though I wish I could gain even more traffic. But considering that I have over 1000 blog posts on here I have been able to bring tons of visitors on here.

I have noticed and read once a blog site gets around 50 blog posts or so you often times will see a dramatic change in traffic. So I am hopping to work on that. I don’t want to overload my new sites with too many posts but maybe I can reach that number on most of my new blogging sites within a week or two.

I also am trying to be very careful with what I write, always including tags and placing each blog post in a certain category on my blog sites. I guess I am improving as a blogger and just hope that my new blogging sites will start showing all that improvement and hard work I have been working on.


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