I Have A Plan

I have a plan. Well actually I have several. And all these plans and goals are ways that I can help improve my life. To get it all together. They aren’t dreams or some distant far off hope that may possibly never become a reality in my life. All my plans or easily obtainable things.

I have a rough idea of what I want to do. I just need to get more detailed and organized about my plans. Write down the steps I need to take. How long each thing will take to accomplish and figure out how soon I can make them all happen. I have to schedule tasks to get closer to my plans.

Maybe even set a deadline. And do everything that I have to, to make them happen. Even if that means losing sleep or putting in ten times more work. Whatever it takes I have to. There is no other choice. No excuses or if ands or butts. I have to get motivated to make it happen.

And the only way that I can get motivated is just by doing what needs to be done. By just forcing myself. No more procrastination. I can’t put it off until tomorrow or next week or one day. The time is now.

I need to just make it happen and start becoming the person that I want to become. Just start living the life that I want to live. Then before I know it my plans won’t just be plans anymore but instead they will be a fact of life, a reality. My reality and I am going to do that no matter what it takes.

It starts with an idea, a goal then a plan and now I have to get my plans in order and then make them happen. That is all there is too it.


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