Ranking Higher On YouTube

I am still learning a lot when it comes to being a successful YouTuber. I have had my channel now for just a little under 7 months. I am not doing too bad considering the length of time I have been on there. I now have have 1340 subscribers and that number seems to grow every single day.

So I have been trying my hardest every single day to work on getting better and growing my channel. Recently some of my newer videos haven’t gotten as many views as my other videos and that left me wondering what is going on? Is it something that I am doing? And after analyzing my most popular videos I discovered a possible reason.

I do ASMR videos that is the topic of every video that I do. And that kind of thing has many different triggers. Things like smoking, tapping, eating, makeup etc. So I tend to throw in many different subjects of ASMR videos on my channel. I want to give my viewers the most that they can get.

I took a look at my most viewed videos. Those with near 1000 views or even several thousand views. I know that all of my ASMR Smoking videos tend to always get tons of views. So I looked up the keywords, ASMR Smoking and searched channels. Mine was the second highest ranking. So I assume that is a subject I do well at.

I looked up the other most viewed topics that I have done and noticed that many of the ones that I thought that I did well at I didn’t even rank on the channel search engine at all. It seems like my current top rating subjects include, smoking, lollipops, and tag question videos. So maybe I can make an interesting video doing other things such as roleplaying, doing makeup or whatever while smoking or doing a tag question video.

And combine the two. And maybe it will help me rank higher in other subjects plus get me more views. Then once I rank higher in those subjects I can start doing them more often. The current goal is to be one of the highest ranked ASMR channel in the search engine and not only have tons of subscribers but a lot of interactions and views on every video that I post.

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