Working Hard On My YouTube Channel

I have had my YouTube channel now for almost 7 months. When I was working my full time job I had to try to juggle running a channel with work. Now I have more time to work hard on my YouTube channel. I have been trying to make anywhere from a few to 10 or more videos just about every single day.

It isn’t easy. I try to focus on different themes. Something that I think my viewers might like. I try to get the lighting right. Or at least as best as I am able to. And then I work on making my audio sound as best as I know how to. I work on thinking up new ideas and showing my creative side as best as I can.

I am getting better at making videos and the whole process that comes along with it but it takes time. I now have something like 1334 subscribers so I must not be doing too bad. But at the same time I wish I was doing even just a little bit better then I currently am. I am glad that my channel seems to be constantly growing even if it is at a slower rate then I would have liked. But I wish I knew what to do to gain more views and subscribers.

Lately a lot of my videos it takes a few days just to get 100-200 views or so. Normally they end up with over that easily in a day or two. So I have no clue what is happening. It may be that I have been uploading more videos then normal. Perhaps the videos aren’t something my viewers like. Maybe they aren’t the best. I just wish that I knew what to do. I am trying to post less videos. I went from aiming for 3-6 most days to maybe 1 or 2. Still not many views but I will keep trying. Maybe I need to do 1 video a day or every other day.

But even then what if that doesn’t change anything or much as far as views are concerned. I am trying to do similar stuff to what I have done before that have gotten me tons of views.Maybe I really need to analyze the videos that have done the best and then focus on similar subjects a bit better. And as far as getting better at making videos that is something that will take time and practice.

Maybe a class or something if it comes up. Better equipment would help and I wish I could do that right now so I know that it isn’t the quality of the video itself and whatever it is is something that I can fix hopefully soon. But it would probably end up costing me at least a couple thousand dollars maybe more. Something I would have to find a way to do financially, in the future, but hopefully soon.


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