Learning How To Get More YouTube Views

I have my YouTube channel that I have had for almost 7 months now. I currently have over 1330 subscribers on my channel. Most my videos tend to get at least 100 views each. Some of them even get 1000 views or more. Typically my videos will end up with 300 or so on average, sometimes a little less, other times a bit more. That is within a week or so. After a little bit longer they usually will end up with more views then that.

I have been trying to figure out the best time of day and best days to post YouTube videos to get the most views. With YouTube your videos rank higher the more views, comments, likes and dislikes that they get within the first two days. The higher they rank the easier it is to find your channel and your videos. So that means that the more views your channel should get over time.

Sometimes especially lately I have been posting videos and it seems that they don’t get many views. Sometimes about 100 or so but it often times takes over a day or so for that to happen. Now it could be due to the fact that my audience doesn’t really like the kinds of videos that I am posting. It seems a lot of my subscribers like hair brushing, eating and smoking videos most. The ones that haven’t been getting as many views as I would like are videos like reading, crafts and other things like that.

Now it could also be that as well as the fact that I have been posting videos much more frequently. I use to post maybe around a video a week. Sometimes a few a week and occasionally a couple per day. I think I had maybe a little under or around 150 videos in about 6 months time. So that averages out to a little less then 1 video per day on average. Lately I have been posting maybe 2-3 videos sometimes more most days. And it seems that my views have gone down. Something I will have to figure out.

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