I’m Getting Organized

Today I have been working on getting more organized. I haven’t done much but at least I have gotten some things done. I cleaned out my birds cage. It isn’t perfectly clean but I emptied the bottom tray, took off the top of the cage and vacuumed out under the tray on the bottom part.

Since I rarely ever do that my two babies were a bit confused. They flew around and eventually my little boy, Pistachio flew on my arm and then my shoulder. I guess he figured if he didn’t know what was happening that I would so its best to stick by me. Then his little shadow Cashew decided to land on me as well. So they were on my shoulder, head and back for a while, when I was cleaning out there cage.

After getting the bottom cleaned up and putting fresh newspaper down for them I took out a couple of there less used toys that were dirty and needed to be cleaned anyways and then replaced them with another toy. It is good to change out there toys every so often to stimulate there smart little minds. Then I put the cage back together and they flew on top of my tv which sits next to there cage.

After that I got there hulls out of there seed dish, cleaned there bath and put in fresh water and cleaned out there water bottle, refilled that and then put in some vitamin drops before putting it back. They seem to enjoy there clean cage. I also have been doing a ton of laundry today. I still need to fold it and put it away but its getting clean. And then I have several boxes and bags of things in my closet that I need to organize. I managed to organize one bag. I also took out my trash.

So things are getting clean and some what organized bit by bit today. I’m also working on blogging and editing, filming and uploading videos for my channel. I have a busy day ahead of me but it all will be making things better for myself.


One thought on “I’m Getting Organized

  1. There’s a podcast on iTunes about organizing. it’s one of my favorite ones. It’s called “Organize Mindfully,” and it’s amazing. Check it out!

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