The Day Is Over

So the day is over with now. I have managed to write several blog posts today. I didn’t reach my 1100 points as I had originally hoped for but I got pretty dang close. So that is good. You can’t win them all. I also uploaded 3 videos on my YouTube channel. I now have 1318 subscribers. Still not a ton but a bit more then I had the other day.

Hopefully I can mange to get to at least 2000 subscribers some time this year! I ended up transferring several of my videos from my Ipad to my computer. That way I can edit then upload and publish them on my YouTube channel later. I also was able to film a few videos too. I think that I actually might end up filming just one or two more videos before going to bed. I guess I will see how I am feeling.

I am considering maybe doing another reading video. I am really enjoying the book that I have been reading. Even though my subscribers or a lot of them don’t seem to appreciate my reading videos hopefully I will get more who do like them over time. I looked up how many ASMR videos there currently are on YouTube.

It says that there are now 1,440,000 ASMR videos! Just a little under 200 of those are my videos. So I don’t even have 1 percent of the videos on my channel that are out there. So its no wonder that my videos are having a hard time being discovered. Hopefully if I keep at it in time they will be.

It hasn’t been easy but all the hard work that I have been putting out there really does seem to be paying off. I guess that I just have to be patient and give it a bit more time.



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