Cleaning Up

I have been cleaning up a lot today. I put everything that was scattered around my room in boxes. I did that so that the carpet cleaner was able to clean my carpet today. I still have to get organized but I have to admit things are really starting to look good now!

I got rid of a lot of things too. I have a ton of clothes that I am going to try to sell as well. I have a whole large suitcase full and I think I may have at least one more. I am going to do another video folding those clothes and putting them in the suitcase.

Then I probably will end up going to the store and get something to drink and maybe a snack or two. Plus some more cigs even though I know that they are bad for me. For some odd reason I just really felt like I was in the mood to clean today. And for that I am kind of glad. I still need to clean out my car and get the clothes out that I am trying to sell and wash them and then put them away and get them ready to try to sell again.

I have to get my tags tomorrow for my car but I may end up also trying to sell my clothes at this clothing store that buys and sells used clothes. Hopefully even if they don’t end up buying much from me they will buy at least a few things. After trying to sell there I will try a few more clothing stores.

Then I might end up hitting each of the stores again seeing if they changed there inventory and need the clothes that I tried to sell. Then if nothing else sells I might try to sell it online or donate it.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up

  1. For me, the hardest chore in the house is keeping things in their proper places. Huh, I easily get tired even by just thinking about it.

    • I’m tired just thinking about being tired while thinking about it!

  2. lol! garage sale would help sell your old clothes.

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