Carpet Cleaning

So since I just renewed my apartment lease the other day they are also going to be cleaning my carpet as well. They turned off the water in my apartment building I guess until 3 today. So I am not sure if that will affect anything. But they are suppose to come between the hours of 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening. So I am thinking that it is possible that they may end up coming later in the day.

I still have a lot of cleaning to do. I probably won’t have time to put things away but I am going to have to at least get the boxes and things off of the floor. I think what I might do after writing this blog post is spend maybe ten minutes or so clearing off the floor. Just to get ready for when they do come.

Then I will do something to get ready to shoot a video. Like skincare or my hair or makeup or something like that. Then I will spend another ten minutes clearing off the floor some more and then I might end up writing another blog. We will see how that goes. I think that I should be fine. I would just hate for them to come and for me not to be ready for them to get to the carpet or anything like that.

I also want to go get something to drink and some food here pretty soon. So I guess that I will have to be pretty fast. I am also working on publishing an edited video to my YouTube channel. This will be the first one of the day. Hopefully I will be able to do that as well. Such a busy day ahead of me I hope that I can get everything done!


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  1. I live fresh cleaned carpets

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