Right Now

I just finished filming another ASMR video. This one was a popping bubble wrap video. It was fun to do. I made it a little over 15 minutes long. And I also was able to get rid of some bubble wrap too. Lol. Plus I am hopping that it made me just a little bit better and making videos.

I am thinking of making another video. Something that will get rid of more items. I am trying to finish filling up a small shopping bag worth of stuff. That way I will have another video to go. I will be better at making videos I hope anyways. And I will have decluttered just a little bit more. Not to mention the fact that hopefully I will have something amazing that my audience will join once I edit and upload that video.

I am really no sure what I will do as far as a video is concerned. I have already done so many paper ripping and cutting videos. So I doubt that I will do another one of those. I guess that I will have to try to figure something out. And hey if nothing else I can do another laundry folding video or something like that. I guess that we will see.

I will have to look around my room and try to figure it out. All though I am getting some what tired right now. So after this blog post I probably will film just one more video. Then I am going to eat something and probably get ready for bed. I might end up blogging a little bit more. I was really hoping to get the maximum number of points that I can on here, but it is a little bit late so we will see what happens.


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