Gave In

Alright so I know that I said that I only wanted to upload just two videos today. But my other videos just didn’t seem to be getting many views so I gave in and ended up uploading a video right now. It is currently uploading to my YouTube channel and processing. I uploaded my first video today about 8 or so hours ago and then my second one I uploaded about 5 hours ago.

So I figure that I spaced them far enough apart. My first video only has about 70 views right now. My last one that I had uploaded before the third video upload of the day currently has about 21 views. I have no clue if I am just uploading too many videos so not many of my viewers are getting a chance to watch them all.

Or maybe the videos that I uploaded are things that some of my viewers don’t like. It may even be that the ones that do like the kind of videos that I uploaded today just haven’t been on YouTube or haven’t checked out my channel today. So I gave in and uploaded my third video for the day.

Hopefully I will end up getting more views and maybe even more subscribers as well. Even a few would be nice to gain. We will see. I guess spacing my videos out 2 hours apart is just too much. And it seems like 3 hours is a bit too much as well. Perhaps I can aim for every 4 hours or even more and see if it has a difference.

I suppose it is a learning process. As long as I seem to gain more subscribers then lose and I don’t lose too many I guess that should be a good sign. I figure that if nothing else I can only improve making videos as time goes on so hopefully that will mean a bigger audience.


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