A Lot To Do

I have a lot to do today as I normally do. I wasn’t really able to focus on my rather long to do list do to the fact that I have been busy watching my niece the last couple of days. So I guess I will have to catch up on everything today and this week.

Today I need to finish doing my hair and get my makeup on. Then I need to make at least a few videos for my YouTube channel. I am not quite sure what I will do those videos on but I have a rough idea of what I may end up doing.

I also need to save the videos that I already did from the other day on to my computer. Then I need to upload them, edit them, save the edited version and then upload that version to my YouTube channel. I am working on one right now. It is just saving the edited version to my computer and then I will upload it to my channel after it finishes saving.

I want to get some cleaning done around my place. Hopefully at least an hours worth of cleaning. Maybe a little bit more then that if I am able to. We will see. I have a lot to do. Hopefully some of my videos will help me get through cleaning. Because I can always do a folding laundry video. A product empty video and things like that.

And then last but most certainly not least I would like to focus on earning points on here and blogging. So I have a pretty busy day ahead of me as usual. But I am looking forward to getting everything done and making today a success. I am drinking some coffee to give me some energy so that I can get a ton of stuff done.


3 thoughts on “A Lot To Do

  1. I have some things going on today. Unfortunately, I miss a Skype interview for a promo position which I am going to contact the guy again to see if we can reschedule it. Second is that I have a 2PM PST face to face interview at a health club that takes me only five minutes to get to at this particular location. My hon encouraged me to go to it despite the fact that my breakouts on my face is working against me. Yes. I know to use makeup to cover them but still. It’s making me mad. My hon tells me to give it time where it will. Being 35 and breaking out is just not fair. Wish me luck though.

    • Oh no well I wish you the best! Try not to let it bother you too bad. I’m almost 27 and still break out a bit. Joba joba oil works wonders as a facial moisturizer. My tip would be to fake it till you make it. Though it’s not easy just pretend your skin is flawless and your so confident. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Laurie

    Unfortunately, I missed it. Ugh. My hun dreamt that I work at a fitness center but not sure which one for sure. He said that I would have become good friends with of the ladies there. Hope your day is going good.

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