I know I shouldn’t hold on to the hope of what could be between us. He’s always going to have doubt & he try’s to fight that & realize what is so undeniable yet turn & break your heart again and again. Things will never change no matter how perfect they are no matter how right the situation he is always going to let fear take over him. Admit it your scared, scared things could be perfect or maybe one day he will never look back.

Maybe it’s both just in your minds his fear & this ¬†false illusion that you have that may be nothing more then just pure infatuation. How could it be so wrong when it’s so intense? How could it not happen if every road always leads me back to him time & time again?

Are we somehow meant to be or is it just some sick twisted joke that’s been going on & off for years? Things could be so right just imagine. But maybe he isn’t meant to be your love. Maybe he steps in and out of your life to make you think, to feel to realize by yourself what you need to do.

The truth is he has never been mine, not really just almost. I’ve always wanted him to be my love but he’s been a teacher, a guide & I guess as painful as that is to admit I should take the lessons & embrace them to the fullest.

As insane as it might be in the depths of my soul I’ll always yearn for him but maybe I should focus on embracing life to the fullest instead of chasing what my heart can’t have. Something That I can find instead of him making me lost in order to be found.





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