Getting To My Goal Weight

I am working on getting to my goal weight. Right now I weigh 162 pounds. My ultimate goal weight is about 120 pounds. I hope that I can manage to reach that weight by sometime this year. I have been on my diet for a little under two weeks now.

I have been watching my calories and doing my best to burn some more calories as well. I cut out soda and have mainly been drinking water. I even started drinking fruit infused water and it is a great way to drink more water and it is no calories too.

I am proud and shocked that I have lost 4 pounds in less then two weeks now. I am not sure how I did it since some days I even ate more then I should have and since I injured my foot I haven’t been working out much. Maybe it was a lot of water weight that I lost but still it is pretty good.

At that rate I might end up losing about 2 pounds per week and should reach my ultimate goal weight by some time this November. It would be great if I could start watching what I eat even better and if I was able to burn even more calories by working out more. It would be amazing if I could lose 3-4 pounds per week.

But even if I continue to lose weight at this rate it should be good. I may not be there but I am closer then I was yesterday and that is a good thing. I am sticking to this and I am not giving up no matter what. This eating healthy and working out will become a habit of mine and I am determined to make it stick. I can’t wait till I reach my goal weight but I am also enjoying my weight loss journey.


5 thoughts on “Getting To My Goal Weight

  1. When there’s a will there’s a way

    • Thank you! Just wish it wasn’t soo much but every pound counts! Getting closer every day.

      • I have a longer way to go then you do trust me just keep you head up and don’t push yourself little steps

        • I w like to lose it in the gut and this is hard to doould

        • Thank you you are right. I pretty much need to lose most of it from my gut. That’s the only place I seem to really gain it.

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